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Merani Tours specializes in the Luxury, Individual (FIT), Corporate (MICE) and Group travel in Georgia.

Our dedicated team of travel experts will be delighted to assist you with all your client’s leisure and business needs: organizing transfers, book restaurants and hotel rooms, collaborate with highly qualified guides, leading singers, decorators, florists, dancers and the list goes on.  Nothing and no one will distract you from getting pleasure. It does not matter whether it is for a single client or large company – the level of our service always remains consistently high. We take care of our guests and appreciate their time. Accordingly, the routes of our excursions are meticulously planned and verified, master classes are full of useful and absorbing information and the drivers of the company arrive at the appointed place always on time.

Sakartvelo (საქართველო [/sɑːkɑːrtvɛlɔː/], as the natives call Georgia, is a small country with a high concentration of beauty contained in it. Here you can discover everything from majestic snowy mountains and ancient temples to mineral springs and coniferous forests, sea with volcanic sand on the coast, subtropics, modern developing cities, fashion designers, original artists, one of the best cuisines of the world, 8000-year-old art of wine-making and Georgian polyphony, listed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. However, Georgia is not only historical monuments and amazing nature, but, above all, the people, their sense of life and innate hospitality.

Our mission is to promote Georgia as an ideal destination for both leisure tourism and MICE.

Our main task is to organize your vacation, wedding, conference or corporate event so that you never for a second think about how much time, effort and work has been invested in it.

Merani Tours is here to provide a professional and personalized, proactive approach to all of our partners, ensuring that we achieve the best results possible for all.

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